You care about the environment, and so do we. That's why we've put together these tips and resources for your family. Because green choices today make tomorrow brighter for everyone.

Healthy lunch ideas Healthy Lunch Ideas to Help You Go Green

Here are some easy tips for packing an eco-friendly and healthy lunch.

Smaller Carbon Footprint Do It Yourself for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Get inspired to try something new and help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

save some green Going Green While Saving Some Green

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to go green, in fact, you can even save some green at the same time.

Recycling Responsibilities for Children Recycling Responsibilities for Children

Recycling chores offer the benefit of teaching your child about going green and conserving resources.

mobile recycling apps Five Free Mobile Recycling Apps

Smart phones can make so many things in life easier. But did you know they can even make recycling easier?

road to refills The Road to Refills

Making the case for concentrated cleaning products.

choosing greener products Choosing Greener Products

Buying greener products is an everyday alternative that we can all easily do. I love seeing that the interest in eco-friendly products is growing. Buying recycled and recyclable products ensures there is a demand for them..... MORE »

why concentrates? Why Concentrates?

American consumers buy 320 million cleaning products in trigger bottles each year, and millions of them end up in landfills. By comparison, concentrated refills use less packaging, decrease shipping impacts and reduce waste.... MORE »

reduce plastic consumption Concentrates to Reduce Plastic Consumption

I think the biggest hurdle in making concentrates the standard is getting people to be aware of the new product option. When most people go to buy a bottle of Windex®, they find and grab the product that matches their mental... MORE »

recycle these everyday items Recycle These Every Day Items and Reduce Your Trash Output!

People often have an awful lot of STUFF in their homes. It seems like every trip to the department store, baseball game, restaurant or grocery store results in yet another spare thing for you to find a home for in your ever... MORE »