How many cans are too many? Where should the cereal go? Is there a way to guard against breaking glass? Infinite questions, finite space. The trick to sticking to reusable grocery bags is knowing how to use them efficiently. Here are some tips to approach packing your bags the same way, every time—easily.

If you prefer plastic and want to help your grocer help you use less of them, these same rules apply.

Whether you’re a long-time toter of reusable bags, or a beginner looking to give it a try, you likely never had any instructions on packing bags efficiently. Use this helpful infographic to make the most of your bag space, speed up your checkout time and arrive home with your groceries intact.

Click image to enlargeZiploc infographic: How to pack your reusable grocery bag

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How to pack your reusable grocery bag [infographic]
Heavier items on the bottom. Lighter items on the top. Many of us are aware of these principles, but could use a guide for packing a reusable grocery bag.