SC Johnson has expanded the information available on its ingredient disclosure website, In doing so, the family-owned company has become the first major company to offer product-specific fragrance disclosure to the public.

By visiting the site, or by calling 800-558-5252, you can access product-specific fragrance ingredients, from those present at the highest concentrations down to .09 percent of the product formula or the top 10 ingredients, whichever provides the most information. It’s this kind of information that SC Johnson says is key not only to help consumers make informed choices, but to bolster trust in the company.

“Earning consumer trust can only happen when companies are willing to lay it all out there,” said Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson. “Expanded fragrance disclosure and ongoing transparency initiatives are vital to building consumer trust and credibility. That is why we continue to advocate for and promote transparency.”

SC Johnson’s decision to reveal product-specific fragrance ingredients is a continuation of several transparency efforts the company has undertaken over the years. These efforts include the 2009 launch of, sharing a comprehensive list of ingredients on the fragrance ingredients it uses in its products in2012 and publishing details from its day-to-day restricted-use list for product formulators in its 2014 sustainability report.

To learn more about SC Johnson’s commitment to ingredient transparency, visit


SC Johnson continues to lead industry on ingredient disclosure
The company is the first major company to provide product-specific fragrance disclosure.