The clutter of an array of cleaning products under the sink — and the waste of a lot of plastic packaging — could be virtually eliminated with a new cleaning system from SC Johnson. Smart Twist Cleaning System features three concentrated cleaning products in one convenient, space-saving sprayer. Requiring 63 percent less plastic than a new standard spray bottle, the Smart Twist Cleaning System has refillable cartridge compartments that work with five different cleaning products including Windex® Glass, Pledge ® Furniture and Shout® Carpet.

American consumers purchase 320 million cleaning products in plastic trigger-bottles each year, with most of that packaging ending up in landfills. If just 20 percent of those bottles were refilled rather than discarded, 7 million pounds of plastic could be saved. The Smart Twist Cleaning System can be refilled again and again, and each cartridge is recyclable in most community programs. .

The use of concentrated cleaning cartridges rather than full-sized products to refill the system saves resources, too. Standard cleaning products contain a lot of water, making them heavier and bulkier, which means they require additional fuel and space in the distribution process. Smart Twist cartridges avoid the transport of up to 22.7 fluid ounces of water, depending on the formula. The Smart Twist sprayer features a water tank that's filled with tap water, automatically adding just the right amount of water to the cleaning solution.

The Smart Twist Cleaning System can be purchased exclusively online at and It's available in a variety of customizable options, including a Kitchen/Bath Starter Kit and a Living Spaces Starter Kit.

Smart Twist™ Cleaning System: 3-in-1 cleaners in 1 handy sprayer can help reduce packaging waste
New cleaning system from SC Johnson offers a fast and easy solution with 3 concentrated formulas in a single waste-reducing sprayer.