What if we could stop using plastic packaging altogether? Wouldn’t that be the greenest thing? Believe it or not, the answer is “no.” Replacing plastic with alternatives can actually be much worse for the environment.

Alternatives to plastic packaging can have a greater impact on the environment. If we replaced the plastic packaging produced in the US with alternatives, the weight would increase by 55 million tons, with a rise in energy use of 80%.

Learn more about the packaging life cycle, why plastic continues to be so popular and how you can recycle it back into raw material with an earth-friendly future in this infographic.

Click image to enlargeZiploc plastic packaging infographic

To learn more about the plastic recycling and the efforts of Ziploc® brand, visit www.Ziploc.com/Sustainability.


When plastic packaging can't be beat
Plastic can be the best packaging choice for the environment when it comes to weight, trucks needed for transport and greenhouse gas emissions produced.