SC Johnson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of products for the home, and with such a large global reach comes a unique opportunity to make a lasting positive impact. The company's 2013 sustainability report reveals the steps the company has taken toward its goals of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing landfill waste and improving its products and packaging. SC Johnson also invests in making lives better for families through philanthropic contributions and international outreach programs.

A big step toward reducing SC Johnson's environmental footprint is in increasing the use of renewable energy. The company invested in 10 major initiatives around the world over the last decade, including the installation of two 415-foot-tall wind turbines at its largest global manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant, Wisc. The turbines have helped SC Johnson cut 6,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Recycling about 8.5 million pounds of waste at the Mount Pleasant facility has helped the company significantly minimize its landfill waste; in addition, seven SC Johnson sites are now zero landfill facilities. The dedication to producing less waste extends to its products, with concentrated cleansers refills that require 79 percent less plastic compared to a standard spray bottle.

The Green Choices Marketplace offers consumers a one-stop shop with an array of SC Johnson products that offer environmental benefits, like compostable Ziploc bags and concentrated cleaner refills that come in bottles that can be recycled in most community recycling programs.

But serving the greater good also means helping people in more direct ways. SC Johnson has donated millions of dollars in products to people in need, including the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and has distributed more than $210 million in philanthropic donations in the last 10 years alone. In 2013, educational outreach included a life-saving insect-borne disease prevention program in Southeast Asia and Africa.

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Better lives in a better world: SC Johnson makes strides in sustainability
SC Johnson's 2013 Public Sustainability Report report details progress the company has made on its environmental goals.