Most of us just put our toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two brackets on the wall. However, not every home has a spindle holder in the bathroom, and not everyone wants one. From easy DIY solutions, to cabinets for storing TP, here are 10 suggestions for creative ways to keep the toilet paper handy.

Networx logo1. Recessed toilet paper holder: The idea here is the same as the standard wall-mounted holder, but a recessed holder can save a few inches and make the TP more discrete. Of course, this type of holder involves a little more work to install, but it’s still pretty straightforward.

2. Single post toilet paper holder: Just mount the toilet paper from one side — On the other hand, single-post holders involve less work (and less drilling into tile, if necessary). Also, guests who are too lazy to remove the spindle and replace the toilet paper may be more inclined to replace the TP if they only have to slide off the empty roll and slide on the new roll.

3. Toilet paper pedestal: For bathrooms where it may be impractical or impossible to mount a holder on the wall, freestanding pedestal paper holders can keep the toilet paper handy. Some also hold magazines in addition to the toilet paper.

4. Over-the-tank toilet paper holder: Another option for tight spaces is a toilet paper dispenser that hooks to the side of the tank. A word of caution: Many newer toilets have flushing handles on the side of the tank, where an over-the-tank toilet paper holder rests. Also, some people complain that they are not able to fully close the lids of their toilets when an over-the-tank holder is in use. However, if you can pair the right over-the-tank toilet paper holder with your toilet, it could save space and look great.

5. Toilet paper cabinet: For the exceedingly discrete (or homeowners with very curious kittens and toddlers), toilet paper can be hidden in small cabinets. Buy a prefabricated toilet paper cabinet, or have one custom built.

6. Toilet roll canister: From designer cardboard to brushed stainless steel to woven banana leaves, you can hide toilet paper rolls from little fingers and paws, but still allow quick access. A design-friendly idea is to repurpose a large glass vase as a toilet paper canister.

7. Repurpose a bit of technology: The spindle from a package of rewritable CDs or DVDs (assuming you still use CDs and DVDs) perfectly fit a toilet paper roll, and can sit on the back of the toilet.

8. Store your TP in a trophy cup: Grant K. Gibson is among many designers who have found alternatives to the standard toilet paper holder. He puts his in a trophy that is just the right size.

9. Store an extra roll in a DIY sleeve: Another designer with hang-ups about the aesthetics of toilet paper sewed a pretty sleeve for the extra roll, which hangs from the sides of a standard toilet paper holder.

10. DIY toilet paper holder made from string and a small stick: This DIY toilet paper holder is surprisingly cute and can hold a few rolls at a time.  Tie a 4 inch stick to one end of a 2 foot length of sturdy string, rope or twine. You could even use a good, thick ribbon. Nail it to the bathroom wall, or hang from a hook. To "thread" toilet paper onto it, turn the stick vertically. Turn the stick back to its horizontal position to support the rolls.

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10 alternative ways to store toilet paper
Try one of these alternative ways to store toilet paper in your bathroom. Most of us just put our toilet paper on a standard spindle holder mounted with two bra