Is there anything that Mason jars can't do? I've been seeing them used as lampshades and luminaries all over the blog-o-sphere. Mason jars make excellent sconce shades: They are sturdy, easy to clean, and add to a rustic or industrial-chic design scheme. Mason jar lids are an important component of using Mason jars as parts of light fixtures, so save your lids!

Butterfly feeder: Attract beneficial insects to your yard with a very colorful DIY Mason jar butterfly feeder (above). This is an excellent project for kids and adults.

Solar lights: Solar lights are a fun addition to a walkway or garden, and you can make them yourself out of Mason jars.

Pendant lights: You could spend big bucks on vintage industrial pendant lights, or you could make them yourself out of Mason jars. Who knew?

Mason jar luminaryLuminary: Mason jars take a mod-yet-ethereal look as Mason jar luminaries (right). This project involves painting Mason jars around stencils to create mod-looking dots of light.

Chandelier: Turn a thrift store chandelier into something special with a coat of paint and some Mason jars as lamp shades.

Industrial light: Pipe fittings plus mason jars plus the help of a good electrician equal highly fashionable industrial-style Mason jar lights. 

Drink cups: Mason jar drink cups are the perfect kid's party favor. They also prevent spills during the party!

Anthropologie-inspired paint drip jars: These are high fashion on a very low budget.

DIY vase centerpiece: Bring the sunshine inside with a DIY Mason jar centerpiece. Mason jars make perfect vases for down home flowers like daisies.

Make your own succulent terrariumWhat could be cuter than a mini-terrarium in a Mason jar? Mount a few vertically on a board for a quirky living wall hanging.

Chaya Kurtz originally wrote this story for It is reprinted with permission here.

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