The bathroom is a funny place. It’s an indispensable part of the home, but one that sees its share of challenges. It’s generally a small room with high traffic and a place where moisture lingers and takes on a life of its own. Plus, body functions. It can be a tricky place to keep clean and organized – but at the same time, nothing beats a tidy lavatory.

With that in mind, there may be no better place to embrace the home hack, the ingenious and low-cost solutions to solving problems and making things easier. Bathroom and plumbing goods retailer Plumbworld knows a thing or two about the loo and created this infographic to address some of the more common conundrums, and we’ve added a few more at the end.

Prepare to say, “I should try that!“

Bathroom hacks

But wait, there's more! We have a few of our own to bring to the party:

21. Make recycling in the bathroom easy by setting up a recycling bin by the sink in addition to the ones in your kitchen and garage. For more, see: Recycling in the bathroom.

22. If you have leftover party vodka, put it to work in the bathroom to clean just about anything. For more, see: How can I use vodka around the house?

23. If you plan to drink your leftover party vodka, employ vinegar for cleaning instead: For more, see: Cheap and natural cleaning alternatives.

24: Stop forgetting to buy trash-can liners and use plastic grocery bags instead. For more, see: 12 ways to green-up your bathroom.

25: Be like Katherine Martinko at TreeHugger and eliminate bathroom clutter and excessive packaging by using one multi-purpose soap for the whole family to use instead of buying individual body washes and shampoos for each person. For more, see: 5 steps for going to a zero-waste bathroom.

26. Place a steam-loving snake plant (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue) in your bathroom to filter out pollutants like formaldehyde, which can be common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. For more, see: 15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality.

​26 brilliant bathroom hacks
From cleaning your tub with fruit to organizing towels, try these quick tricks for the loo.