If you want to do a project involving wine corks, make friends with a few local bartenders and ask them to save their corks for you. Do you know some servers at an upscale restaurant? Ask them to save the wine corks from the bottles that they serve. If you need to cheat, you can buy wine corks in bulk, although that takes some of the "Look what I am reusing!" fun out of these projects. The following seven wine cork projects will add a down-to-earth flair to any room.

wine cork backsplashDIY backsplash: Making a backsplash out of wine corks is not necessarily easier than tiling the backsplash (it is labor intensive), but it looks fantastic. It's also removable, as the corks are glued to a piece of plywood that is screwed into the wall, rather than being stuck to the drywall. The result of splitting and gluing 800 (which would be 1,600 halves) wine corks to the plywood is striking: The wine cork backsplash really brings a country kitchen flavor to a fairly modern space.

Quick wobbly table fix: Maybe you already know this, but it deserves another mention. If you have a table (or a floor) that's uneven, level off the table by placing a slice of a wine cork under the leg that does not quite reach the floor.

wine cork bath matDIY bath mat: Give your bathroom a spa upgrade with a DIY wine cork bath mat. You know those wooden bath mats at fancy saunas and spas? This DIY bathmat looks kind of like those, except you make it yourself out of garbage. Cool.

Key chain: The best thing about a wine cork key chain is that it floats. If you go out boating a lot, affixing your keys to some corks could save you from having to take a dive in the murky depths. It (obviously) takes more corks to keep more keys afloat. Test it in your bathtub before casting a whole ring of keys suspended by one measly wine cork into the lake.

Bulletin board: Corkboards are so handy as home "command centers." Why not make a super-stylish corkboard out of actual corks? You don't need to be a professional carpenter to implant a bunch of corks in an old window frame. The project will take a few hours to complete, but its high style will be worth it.

wine cork place card holderPlace card holders: Gussy up a table with DIY wine cork place card holders. Glue two wine corks together (just the bottom halves) and secure with a ribbon. Stick the place card between the two corks (in the top half). It's classy and sassy.

WreathIf you want a wreath for your door that will not wilt or wither, build one out of wine corks. Since cork is water-resistant, wine cork wreaths can withstand winter weather for years. They look really nice on Colonial, Craftsman and Victorian houses.

Chaya Kurtz originally wrote this story for Networx.com. It is reprinted with permission here.

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