After this winter’s heavy gales, people were left with many a dangerously unsteady tree in their front yards. Dead or dying trees are hazards which may put your property and your family at risk. Fortunately, they're a treasure trove for DIY crafts. We've rounded up imaginative ideas that could use up 10 trees’ worth of wood!

Deadwood bench

Photo: Judy Walters Weiss/Hometalk


This rustic bench built out of a mulberry tree that toppled during a storm. No stain was necessary to improve on the rich natural color of the wood. A design like this one preserves the tree's natural knobs and curves — the perfect example of eco-furniture.

Tree slab lazy susan

Photo: Betsy Channell/Hometalk

Lazy Susan

For this uniquely eye-catching table accent, finish a crosswise slice from a good-sized fallen tree by sanding, staining and applying poly. Then glue it to a recycled revolving stand. For even more décor drama, you could make two of these pieces – one to be used as a Lazy Susan holding a variety of spreads and the second (sans base) as a breadboard to accompany it. The pair would make a great wedding present!

Tree branch chandelier

Photo: Blue Antler Studio/Hometalk


Country and industrial are both hot styles right now, and this funky chandelier combines the two. If you find a branch that is appealing as is, just add a chain for hanging and the necessary wiring to transform it into a chandelier — complete it with cool Edison bulbs and a dimmer switch.


Photo: Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor/Hometalk


Use smaller tree limbs to create signs with inspiring or amusing slogans as attractive, inexpensive wall art. Start with a brightly painted background to make the message pop. Then, cut the branches into smaller sections, which you can use to form letters or shapes.  Finally, anchor the letters with glue.


Photo: My Creative Days/Hometalk


Consider “replanting” dead wood in your garden. Though they won't take root again, the stalks can sprout into whimsical toadstools. These mushroom caps are actually made out of wooden salad bowls upcycled from the thrift shop. They were then painted in assorted fun shades and embellished with spots, using a foam pouncer (or a champagne cork). This project can be used to fill out a bare garden in winter or make lush summer plantings even prettier.

Fairy garden

Photo: Reposhture Studio/Hometalk

Fairy Garden

For an easy fix, embellish the stump the tree left behind. This very trendy fairy garden was created by decorating the magical abode with a popsicle stick door, a Goodwill goblet birdbath …and a generous sprinkling of pixie dust. This is a great summer vacation project for your kids that definitely beats staying indoors all day.

Deer head made of wood

Photo: Atta Girl Says/Hometalk

Deer Head Mount

This practically no-cost project knocks off pricy fake deer heads made of driftwood, making it faux faux — but definitely not so-so. To create this beautiful eco art project, hot-glue various-sized twigs to two paper cups in order to create the basic shape, then top the sculpture off with vine-branch antlers.

Wooden button

Photo: Love Sissy/Hometalk


Take advantage of every last bit of your dead wood by slicing and drilling to make unique buttons. You can sew them onto clothing as fashionable fastenings — or pair them with strips of burlap to create handsomely rough-hewn napkin rings.

Laura Firszt originally wrote this story for It has been republished with permission here. 

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