Ever wondered why you're not getting a good night's sleep? Maybe it's time to consider your sheets or mattress, which could be keeping you too hot.


That's the idea behind a wave of new sleeping products, including new sheets developed by two former women's college basketball coaches to mimic the moisture-removing qualities of their favorite athletic gear.


"I sleep hot, and I think most people do," Susan Walvius told The New York Times. "But I don't think people realize that if you sleep hot, your sleep is disrupted, and the next day you can't perform well."


Unlike cotton sheets, Sheex — invented by Walvius and Michelle Marciniak — carry moisture away from your body, dry quickly, stretch and breathe.


Inspired by the athletic industry's switch away from cotton, Walvius and Marciniak decided to look at sleep as an important element of fitness and say they aim to create an entire "performance bedding category."


They aren't alone. Many companies are marketing their products to enhance sleep, and therefore improve a variety of health conditions. One example is the new Blue-Tek mattress series from Kingsdown, which was demonstrated last month at the Las Vegas Market. The memory foam mattress is built with horizontal and vertical ventilation channels to keep it cool.   


The new wave of sleep-enhancing products — which also include foods, music, pillows and more — is fueling the growth of the sleep industry. According to the Times, Americans increased their spending on sleep products 4 percent last year to $5.8 billion.


Beyond the products, there are sleep coaches and even people who have hyper-analyzed in their sleep, including Timothy Ferris, author of "The 4-Hour Body," who "hacks" his sleep methodology by packing himself in ice to lower his body temperature, napping 20 minutes every two hours, and testing his sleep patterns with an REM sleep monitor.


The National Sleep Foundation, which is "partnering" with Sheex (they don't use the word "endorse,") advocates a "sleep fitness plan," which recommends keeping bedrooms cool, dark and quiet. Sheex is the "official performance sheet" of the foundation, which also partners with eight other manufacturers to create a list of recommended mattresses, pillows, window shades and light therapy products.


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