It’s amazing how easy it is to keep kids entertained. They’ll color in (and out) of the lines for hours, twirl round and round till they’re so dizzy they can barely stand up straight, and laugh at the same old joke each and every time you tell it (no matter how many times you do!).

And it looks like you can add a fabulous piece of furniture to your kiddie’s time-killing arsenal with the Argington Galap rocker. Made for ages 2 through 6, this adorable chair comes in four different finishes and will keep your little one a-rockin’ all the live long day.

Plus it’s crafted using FSC-certified wood, non-toxic finishes. and can hold up to 250 pounds! An, um, if that means you find yourself desperately trying to squeeze into that small, er, smooth seat … we promise we won’t judge you.

Well, maybe just a little.

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in September 2008. This story was added to

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Argington Galap chair keeps kids rocking
The Argington Galap rocker is crafted using FSC-certified wood with non-toxic finishes and it can hold up to 250 pounds.