A new United Nations report released Tuesday states that up to half of all food produced globally is wasted through poor management. Wasted food doesn't just mean lost money — it wastes all the water, energy and resources that went into production. Let's all do a better job in this area by rethinking our refrigerators. Move all your perishable items to the front of the fridge or where they can be easily seen. Freeze everything that can't be used right away. Get into the habit of separating the perishables you plan to use immediately and freezing the rest. Date your food with a Sharpie and review your fridge every three days, and the freezer once a week. Finally, use a thermometer to verify you're keeping things cold enough. The refrigerator should stay between 35°F and 40°F; keep the freezer close to 0°F.

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Beat food waste by reorganizing the fridge
Don't throw away your food dollars -- keep the refrigerator efficient.