Forget boring biscuits. Treat that special dog in your life to fresh-baked cookies, muffins, and gingerbread snaps from Boston Baked Bonz, which offers a wide variety of premium (and vegan !) treats packed with wholesome organic ingredients and whole grains in flavors like pumpkin pie and peanut butter crunch.

If your dog prefers a meatier snack, try him Brooklyn-based Robbie Dawg organic dog biscuits. These bite-sized premium dog treats come in delicious flavors like Italian turkey sausage, hickory-smoked barbeque chicken, and savory bacon. Robbie Dawg ingredients are free of salt, sugar, preservatives, and artificial ingredients, making them perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestive systems. 

Story by Jessica A. Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008. This story was added to

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Doggie treats don't have to be boring
Boston Baked Bonz and Robbie Dawg are packed with organic ingredients.