In an effort to promote conservation and recycling, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens use a different kind of display this time of year: scarecrows made from recycled junk. The exhibit, titled "Scarecrows in the Gardens" is in its 8th year and features businesses, nonprofits, schools and families all competing with creative and green-themed designs. Bottle caps, cans, plastic bags and anything else that might complete the theme goes into the more than 107 scarecrows on display. From the article,

“We’ve always had the eco-theme, but there were a lot of family and mom-oriented things this year,” said exhibition manager Cathleen Cooke. Among the most memorable of mama-displays is the Georgia Executive Women’s Network’s scarecrow in a power suit holding an infant, a computer and a briefcase-turned-diaper-bag. Behind the feminine feature were several masks to illustrate a working mother’s many roles.

The exhibit will run through Halloween. If you would like to see some examples of the creative scarecrows, jump here! 

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Green scarecrows spook Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Annual event promotes conservation, features scarecrows made from recycled junk.