So you just put new sod in your yard and it arrived on wooden pallets. Instead of tossing perfectly good wood into the landfill upcycle them into something that you can enjoy on a daily basis. Here are 10 creative ideas to get you started:

1. Pallet swing bed

Here's a dreamy swing (pictured above) you can make that will be perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons. All you have to do is connect two pallets and hang with a heavy rope. Then make the bed soft with a mattress, sheets, blankets and lots of fluffy pillows. You can find the complete how-to at The Merry Thought.

2. Vertical pallet planter

A vertical pallet planter propped against a wallShow off your green thumb in a whole new way with this vertical pallet planter. (Photo: Upcycle That)

Update your back patio with a pallet planter. Prep your pallet by stapling lawn fabric to the inside of the pallet. Then fill it with dirt and plants. See the full instructions at Upcycle That.

3. Pallet patio furniture

Patio furniture made from palletsWho needs over-priced patio furniture from the megastore? Grab some cushions and a drill and you can turn those leftover pallets into a chic outdoor lounging spot. (Photo: Place of My Taste)

Give your patio a new chic look with just a few wooden pallets, paint and a drill. You can make seating as well as a coffee table on wheels. Once you add a cushion and some pillows, it will be a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine on a warm evening. Find the full instructions at Place of My Taste.

4. Wooden pallet coffee table

A wooden pallet coffee table in a rustic living roomA pallet coffee table brings a rustic flair to your living room. (Photo: Funky Junk Interiors)

Add a rustic feel to your living room by making a coffee table out of a wooden pallet. When finished, add old gears, numbers and signs for an extra fun flair. See the full how-to at Funky Junk Interiors.

5. Rolling bar cart

A rolling bar cart made from a palletHome drink service has never been easier with this rolling bar cart made from a pallet. (Photo: My Pinteresting Life)

This stunning bar cart is perfect for storing your wine or other drinking essentials, plus it will add a cozy element to your home. See the full instructions at My Pinteresting Life.

6. Pallet dog bed

Dogs sit in a raised pet bed made out of a palletA raised ballet bed for your furry companion is a great way to share the DIY love. (Photo: Native Blonde)

Even your furry BFF needs a comfy place to lay his head. Here's a doable Midcentury modern project using a crib mattress that will bring joy to your four-legged friend. See Native Blonde for the full instructions.

7. DIY pallet bed

A pallet bed with Christmas lights underneath itThis pallet DIY project doesn't even require any extra tools. Just push some pallets together, lay a mattress on top and presto: instant bed. (Photo: Homemade Food Junkie)

This DIY is more about positioning your 4-foot pallets together. The best part of this project is that you don't even need to nail it together. Just place your mattress on top and put some twinkly lights under the pallets for a cool effect. For the complete how-to, see Homemade Food Junkie.

8. Rolling pallet coffee table

Rolling pallet coffee table with extra storageThis rolling coffee table also provides extra storage space for books and TV remotes. (Photo: Mango Tomato)

For this project, all you have to do is stain or paint your pallet and add wheels to the bottom. What's even niftier is that you can store your remotes and books inside. Get the full instructions at Mango Tomato.

9. Pallet patio bar

A vertical pallet patio barThis vertical pallet patio bar will pair nicely with your pallet furniture. (Photo: Restless Arrow)

Now is your chance to add a bar to your patio by recycling pallets. Stack two pallets on their sides next each other and connect with beams. Then place wood beams on top for the counter and paint. The addition of bar chairs is a nice touch. Visit Restless Arrow for the full instructions.

10. DIY pallet headboard

A pallet headboard with lighting fixturesThis pallet headboard will bring a whole new vibe to your bedroom. (Photo: Live Simply)

Give your bedroom a new cozy feel with a do-it-yourself headboard made from wood pallets and a sheet of plywood. Basically, you're cutting the wood from the pallets to glue/nail onto the plywood. You can read the how-to over at Live Simply.

How to make cool stuff out of wooden pallets
Don't let those pallets go to waste in a landfill! Upcycle and reuse them in these crafty DIY projects.