Pet lovers with a green streak can now make their four-legged friends eco-friendly, thanks to NuHemp, a Canadian company specializing in hemp-based pet products like moisturizing pet shampoos and gourmet dog treats. Though some dog treats are about as healthy as a bag of M&M’s, NuHemp’s dog treats are nutritious and designed to boost a dog’s optimum health. And they come in great doggie-approved flavors like peanut buttery 2-Chomp Munchies. NuHemp also offers a Botanicals line of shampoos and conditioners, which contain certified organic ingredients and are free of sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and DEA—a possible carcinogen. And despite the popular misconception that hemp is the same as its THC-laden cousin, these hemp products won’t leave your furry friend running in circles anytime soon. Check out all of NuHemp’s products at  

Story by Jessica Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in July 2008.

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Pooch pleasers
Your dog can be green, clean and sweet with these organic pooch pleasers.