Do you often find yourself fumbling to open a new razor cartridge, wondering how the last one got dull as rocks so fast? Didn’t you just change the dang thing, like, yesterday? Razor blades are an item we trash way too often, considering that a quick, easy sharpening is enough to make them as good as new.

Enter a long-overdue gadget called the Razor Saver. Just drag your favorite single or double blade (men’s or women’s) down the runway anytime it gets dull, and your blade will last you for up to 130 shaves. Considering that a refill pack of four razors will cost you nearly as much as the Razor Saver itself ($11.95), it seems worth a shave, I mean, shot, right? Look for the Razor Saver online from sustainable village.

Story by Tobin Hack. This article originally appeared in Plenty in September 2007. This story was added to

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Razor Saver keeps you sharp
The sharpener works with single or double blades and will help your razors last for up to 130 shaves.