Getting your kids (read: deadbeat roommates) to crack the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica isn’t always the easiest of tasks. But with Simple Memory Art’s line of shower curtains, you can certainly sneak some much-needed knowledge into the bathroom. With fun graphic prints, such as The Periodic Table, Dinosaurs, or Metamorphosis, students of all ages can discover the difference between a Cynognathus and a Proganochelys, or learn how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit to Kelvin, while they lather. Machine-washable for easy cleaning, these cute curtains are also made from 100 percent EVA, an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. Taking a shower—it never felt so smart. See all the designs at

Story by Alison Sherbach. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2007.

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Smart selection
These shower curtains are educational and environmentally friendly.