You’ve literally just stripped off every last possible piece of clothing to ensure complete and total accuracy in the reading. Every ounce counts, right? Cringing, you step onto the scale, a piece of equipment holding your entire day’s happiness in the balance (literally!). But what’s this? You only weigh … what?! This cannot be true! You can’t literally be as light as a feather … can you? A second attempt is required to firmly secure the sheer joy that has just now crept into your heart.

But alas! Your hopes and dreams are soon dashed (coldly) onto the bathroom floor. The scale now reads at least ten pounds heavier (such a typical move by your flat little friend). Can’t he ever get something right? Well, indeed he can! With the simple purchase of The Competitive Edge Tanita HS-301W Solar Scale, you are guaranteed to get an accurate reading each and every time (it even has a 10-year warranty!).

Plus you don’t ever have to worry about the batteries running amok, as this scale charges using solar cells that can even gather energy from your overhead lighting. Isn’t it amazing what the right kind of lighting can do?

Story by Jessica Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in September 2008. This story was added to

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Solar scale gets energy from overhead lights
The Competitive Edge Tanita HS-301W Solar Scale guarantees an accurate reading each and every time with a 10-year warranty.