Collage of nature-themed ornamentsThese DIY ornaments will add a flourish of nature to your Christmas decorations. (Photo: Kelly Ladd)

Simplify your Christmas by incorporating elements of nature to your holiday decorations. Of course you can decorate with enchanting pine garlands, wooden star wreaths and mistletoe hanging above your door, but why not add nature-filled ornaments to your Christmas tree as well?

You can also hang these ornaments from a ribbon and use them as garland or place them in a glass jar on your mantel or as a centerpiece for your dining table.

The ornaments really only take a few minutes, and it's also a great project to keep the kids busy for a little while.

Materials for nature-themed Christmas ornamentsMaterials for your nature-y ornaments can come from a hike and the crafts store (or just the crafts store). (Photo: Kelly Ladd)

Materials needed

  • Glass ball ornaments from the craft store
  • Tiny pebbles
  • Acorns
  • Sprigs of holly, pine, etc. (natural if you only want it to last one season, fake if you’d like to reuse the ornament each year)
  • Yarn or ribbon to hang the ornament
  • Feathers
  • Fake mini butterflies from craft stores
  • Wooden skewer


  1. After you go on a hike around your favorite nature trail (or craft store) collecting your Christmas cheer, simply stick your natural elements inside your glass balls. Just be sure to see how wide the top of the ornament is so you don’t choose anything that won’t fit inside.
  2. Use your wooden skewer to adjust the feathers or butterflies inside so they are perfectly in place. Then hang on your tree or place in a glass jar.

DIY nature-themed Christmas ornamentsA set of nature-themed Christmas ornaments that are easy to make (Photo: Kelly Ladd)

These DIY ornaments add a touch of nature
DIY Christmas ornaments add nature to your decorations