For socially conscious, artisan-crafted accessories, look no further than Via Nativa, a new label that features ecologically sustainable gifts made in Latin America. Via Nativa sources its products directly from independent artisans and community-based collectives and organizations, allowing the craftspeople to earn a living wage while preserving their traditional lifestyle. Via Nativa artisans produce small batches of unique accessories like llama fiber scarves in gorgeous reds, greens, and blues, dyed from the natural pigments of fruits and leaves. Or check out the home décor section where you’ll find hand-crafted chic espresso cups with lead-free glazes and elegant wood vases perfect for any centerpiece. Whether you’re looking to accessorize yourself or your home, odds are you’ll find the perfect item at

Story by Jessica A. Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in January 2009.

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Via Nativa sells ecologically sustainable gifts
Latin American artisans produce small batches of unique accessories.