It's about time ... I was beginning to think poor Malia and Sasha were going to have to wait until Christmas for their well-deserved puppy.

According to the LA Times,  the identity of a certain Portuguese water dog has been revealed. And his name is Bo Obama. The six-month-old Portuguese water dog was given to President Barack Obama and his family as a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy, a loyal endorser of the non-shedding breed. Although it was rumored that the Obamas were keen on adopting a rescue pooch, sheltered purebred Portuguese water dogs are rare. Bo, indeed a handsome little devil, is not a rescue but did, however, belong to another family who decided to give him up, at which point he was acquired by Kennedy. The Obama's will be reportedly making a contribution to the Humane Society in an act of damage control

It's reported that before Malia and Sasha named their new pet, Bo was actually named Charlie. This will be Malia and Sasha's first pet. Neither President Obama or Michelle Obama grew up with dogs.

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Via [LA Times]

Photo: White House/Pete Souza, LA Times Blog

Thanks: Intrepid insomniac Amy Sarisky for the late night-breaking news

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It's a Bo
The wait is over for Malia, Sasha and the rest of the nation: The White House welcomes the First Pooch, a Portuguese water dog named Bo.