All of New York’s pretty young Tweeters (or is it Twitterers?) came out in full force last evening to attend the NYC Twestival, one of over 175 simultaneous global events held yesterday to benefit charity:water.

The party went down at Chelsea hotspot M2 (the erstwhile Crobar) where caged go-go dancers aren’t an uncommon sight. While the dancers had the night off, the supersized nightclub was filled with Twitter Nation, a handful of club kids, and folks who just wanted to support the wonderful, watery cause. I’d say about 70 percent of the crowd had a cocktail in one hand and an active PDA/cell phone in the other (full disclosure: although I do not tweet, I did indulge in a glass of $16 chardonnay). It was so packed that my on again, off again claustrophobia made a cameo appearance. But given that the Twestival is a charity event, I was happy to be crushed by altruistic revelers that braved gusty winds to attend.
"Ssshhh! No tweeting!"

Aside from the fact that many ventured out in inclement weather, I was even more impressed that the crowd — decidedly not your average upper crust-y, philanthropic crew — decided to generously open their wallets (admission cost between $20 and $60 dollars with VIP access going for $100) in the face of widespread layoffs across the city. Like the optimism on display at the Green Depot opening party, the turnout at the NYC Twestival proved to me that despite hard times, interest in earth-friendly living and global relief efforts are not waning. 

A highlight of the evening was seeing charity:water founder Scott Harrison address a hushed crowd. All twittering ceased while the packed house got a reminder of why exactly they were there: To provide clean, safe drinking water to the people of developing nations. In fact, the initial $20 dollar donation/cover charge is enough to provide a person in a developing African nation with clean drinking water for over two years. I'm not sure if the money generated from bar sales also went to charity, but I'd like to think that my wine was turned into water. 
charity:water founder Scott Harrison addresses Twitter Nation.
Red, hot, and Twittered.

Following Harrison's speech, Brooklyn-based mixmasters Eclectic Method took center stage and I slipped out. If you attended one of yesterday's Twestivals, feel free to share your experience in the comments section. Also be sure to check out Karl Burkart's take on the event. And remember, whether you're a Twitter user or not, it's never too late to help provide less fortunate folks with something that we most often take for granted: A clean, disease-free glass of H2O. 



Photos by Matt

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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