With another Friday comes another batch of green home news links lovingly prepared by yours truly. It’s looking like it will be a beautiful weekend here in NYC and I’m thinking I may head over to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see what’s in bloom. Whatever you may be up to this weekend, make it a good one. See you on Monday. 

MSNBC goes apartment shopping with Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s reported that the actor has purchased a unit in Riverhouse, an eco-friendly residential high-rise in downtown Manhattan (below). I wrote about Riverhouse for Ideal Bite when it opened last year.

On that note, Ideal Bite gets all holy in a chat with Sister Faith Margaret from the Community of the Holy Spirit. The CHS sisters are in the process of building an eco-convent in Harlem and yours truly got the inside scoop on the project. 

Inhabitat checks out what's new at Brooklyn's venerable Bettencourt Green Building Supplies.  

The Guardian thinks that the creation of Britain’s 14th national park in South Downs is wonderful … only if it doesn’t support a “rural housing crisis” that displaces longtime, local residents.

Design Boom digs Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek’s newest creations: Tables, chairs, and super-cool sofas that make use of found and salvaged materials.

The New York Times speaks with Bill Duesing, an educator with the Northeast Organic Farming Association, about ways to maintain a healthy lawn without putting Momma Nature in peril.

The Herald Tribune announces that a snazzy $700,000 home, built for HGTV’s 2009 Green Home Giveaway, has received LEED Platinum Certification. Carlson Studio Architects designed the home.

Haute*Nature spotlights antique, vintage, and retro furniture from London’s the Old Cinema.

Huffington Post Green chronicles dish detergent smugglers from Spokane, Washington, that travel across state lines to Idaho to purchase old school, phosphate-based detergents. Dish detergents containing fish-killing phosphates were banned in Spokane County last July; the ban will expand statewide in July 2010. 

The Los Angeles Times visits a home in Goleta, California, that's been the residence of the Burke family since 1962. Over the years, the modest home has seen plenty of remodels and revamps, most recently the eco-friendly additions of solar water heating, operable skylights, and drought-tolerant landscaping. 

Architectural Record reports that Syracuse University has chosen the three winners of the "From the Ground Up: Innovative Green Homes" design competition. 

The Wall Street Journal dishes that more big-name cleaning product manufacturers will be joining SC Johnson and Son in becoming more transparent about the ingredients found in their products. 

Image: Phillip Ritz

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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