The New York Times pays a visit to Intervale Green, a sparkling gem in the otherwise gritty South Bronx. The 128-unit low-income housing development features two, yes two, green roofs, ENERGY STAR appliances, and other eco-friendly trappings normally associated with luxury apartments. 

Fast Company finds that the "Greenpeace Tissue Guide iPhone App Makes Paper Product Purchases Easy." Jeesh ... not to grumble about green technology, but what ever happened to shopping lists?

The Los Angeles Times explores the wilds of Victor Heights, a downtown LA neighborhood overrun by very audacious, very hungry, very noisy peacocks. Note to self: Do not move to Victor Heights, Los Angeles. 

The Guardian details the British government's plan to have every home in the UK fitted with a "smart meter" by 2020. The meters will send real-time data of household electric and gas usage directly to energy companies, eliminating the need for meter readings. 

NOTCOT goes on safari with a recycled cardboard rhino named Rambling Robbie Jr. 

TreeHugger reports from the Alternative Building and Design Expo in Santa Monica, California. Highlights include eco-friendlier artificial grass from SynLawn. 

The Globe and Mail reveals that Canadians are iffy about a proposed nationwide carbon tax that would increase the cost of gas and home heating oil. British Columbians were the most opposed to the tax (BC is the only province that actually has such a tax) while folks from Quebec largely support the idea. 

Design*Sponge stops in at Design on a Dime, an event last that benefited Housing Works, a wonderful organization that supports homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. Relatedly, I know folks who have walked away with some truly fabulous used furniture finds at the Housing Works chain of charity thrift shops. 

Yanko Design drinks from the tap with the Bware Water Meter from Studio A2.

The Daily Green hands the mic to Kerry Mitchell, founder and course developer of Green Real Estate Education. She discusses the importance of keeping real estate professionals well-versed in the rapidly evolving world of green. 

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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