Hope everyone has a great weekend planned. I, for one, plan on catching up on that elusive thing that they call sleep. 

Below, you'll find your weekly dosage of green home-related links collected from around the world wide interwebs by yours truly. I also threw in a swine flu story for good measure. And thanks for the folks who voted for MNN in the Green Log Awards. It's much appreciated. And, of course, a quick shout-out to all my new followers on Twitter. I'm an awkward six-foot tall man of a baby bird who is just learning to Tweet so it's nice to have admirers.  

The New York Times crosses the East River for a trend piece on young, independent Brooklyn designers in anticipation of this weekend's Bklyn Designs show. I'll be there tomorrow scooping out what's new in the way of eco-friendly home furnishings and accessories.

Inhabitat takes a break from promoting/previewing Bklyn Designs (what happened to old-fashioned anticipation and surprise?) to feature an energy-efficient modern home in San Francisco's Noe Valley district. The "H House" was designed and built by SF-based Group 41.

The LA Times test drives the propane-powered Lehr Eco Trimmer, a new weedwhacker that "exhausts angel's breath." 

The Guardian poses an interesting question: What is more financially draining during the current recession, a green new build or reducing the carbon footprint of an old home? Eco-renovator/blogger Andy Phipps is finding out it's the latter. 

TreeHugger gets its Tweet on with a list of "Top Ten Twitterers to Follow for Green Architecture." 

Ecofabulous truly cleans with green: They try out Parsley Plus Surface Cleaner from Earth Friendly Products. According to EF, it works like a charm and smells like tabbouleh.

Re-Nest tries out another cleaning solution from Earth Friendly Products: ECOS 100% Natural Laundry Detergent Packs. 

Michelle Kaufmann has me intrigued by the Beam Daybead by Shimma. It looks heavenly.

Ideal Bite NYC has a great Mom's Day gift idea: Recycled newspaper roses, handmade by the fabulous teenage ladies of the Lower East Side Girls Club. 

The Stranger details "What We Learned from the Swine-Flu Panic."

Dwell wants you to Share your Small Space! in conjunction with the June 2009 issue of Dwell, "Thinking Small."

Jetson Green decorates with Slate-ish interior design tiles. I'm digging these wall accents made from 100 percent post-consumer waste paper.  

Image (please note that IKEA is the only landmark on this map)Mayyanpearl

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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