The number one movie at the box office this week was Friday the 13th, a grisly horror remake (or “recharge”) starring a homicidal madman who gives creative reuse to an old hockey mask (and a wood chipper, apparently). 

If you’re a resident of one of the many towns called Crystal Lake, you may have passed over this week’s green home news due to incessant nightmares. Here are 13 items that will hopefully inspire, inform, and lead to more pleasant dreams over the weekend. 


Huffington Post Green takes a look at a story by New American Media and poses this very scary idea: “How the Recession Could be Poisoning Your Home.”

The Wall Street Journal investigates the relationship between the shaky real estate market and the rise of energy-efficient homebuilding efforts.

The New York Times goes shopping with Jill Fehrenbacher, the editor of the super cool and founder of the Greener Gadgets conference. Among the stops is Green Depot, a new home improvement store that I had the pleasure of visiting on its opening night. 

Planet Green looks to spring time with a cool tip on how to make a thirty and effective seedling starter box with LED Christmas lights.

Michelle Kaufmann travels to Iowa for a low-cost weatherizing tip from her eco-mentor, her father.

Notcot heads to the kitchen with the cutting edge Slice by Karim Rashid line of ceramic blade products.

The BBC gets all medieval with a visit to a zero-carbon home in Kent, England, that boasts “timbrel vaulting” a building technique first used in Spain in 1382.

Jetson Green unpacks a GreenBox, an annual subscription of green material samples shipped to your door for $849.95. GreenBox is a service of Ecolect, a website that helps designers, builders, and architects choose eco-friendly materials.

UnBeige takes a peak at the winners of Design 21’s forest-saving design competition. For the competition, entrants had to “create a compelling and persuasive message that sparks an interest in FSC [Forest Stewardship Council] and drives people to a consumer-searchable website; a campaign design for online and print ads; and a clever URL name for FSC's consumer website.” 

Re-nest instructs on how to make a coffee table from reclaimed wood for under 70 bucks. 

GOOD grabs a caulk gun for an article on "weatherizing" the current economic storm. Recent MNN favorite Van Jones is quoted in the piece. 

The New York Times discusses a new kind of real estate, a "worm condo,"  in a fascinating article on urban composting. 

Ideal Bite shares NYC DIY extraordinaire Jodi Kahn's sew-less technique of turning old pillow covers into charming tote bags. 

Photo: gonzales2010

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Part XIII
Jason and his repurposed ski mask made a killing at the box office this week. Here are 13 items from the green home ecosphere that you may have missed while cov