Pinterest, the social media website that allows you to organize and share the things you love, can be addicting. The addiction can lead to some clever ideas to implement around the home and in the garden. Here are 10 gardening ideas from various websites that I found through Pinterest.


  1. This Old House - Line flowerpots with coffee filters so soil doesn’t leak out. The photo shows white, bleached coffee filters. I’d recommend using unbleached coffee filters for both this little project and for making your coffee.
  2. Apartment Therapy – If you don’t have any room on the ground for a garden, but you have a sunny outside wall, you can go vertical with plants that need a lot of drainage like lettuces or strawberries.
  3. Lu Bird Baby – Instead of buying markers to identify each item in your garden, DIY them with paint on rocks.
  4. Storage|Glee – Here's another option for natural markers: a twig that’s been shaved down with a vegetable peeler.
  5. Better Homes and Gardens – Flowers can help your vegetable garden by attracting beneficial insects.
  6. Lloyd’s Blog – If you use cinder blocks as a border for your vegetable garden, don’t forget that you can use the holes inside the blocks as planting space, too.
  7. Intimate Weddings – In mid-summer if your vegetable garden is overflowing, get out there before an evening of entertaining and pick some to decorate with. Just make sure they don’t go to waste at the end of the evening – send them home with your guests.
  8. Ewa in the Garden – Vegetables can be grown in anything. There are some eye-catching examples on this site of herbs in tin cans hung on a wall and larger plants in hanging burlap sacks.
  9. Four Flights of Fancy – An old metal wagon can be used for growing strawberries (or other fruits and vegetables) to keep them off the ground where the critters are more likely to get them.
  10. Martha Stewart – The classic peg board organizing system for tools works just as well in the shed for garden tools as it does in the basement for hammers and saws.

What clever ideas have you found on Pinterest that you’re keeping track of for your own home or garden?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

10 clever gardening ideas found on Pinterest
If you need to justify your Pinterest addiction, tell people you're gaining a gardening education and point them to these great gardening tips.