Little Humbugs has a free gift for the kids for Earth Day. It’s a 12 page downloadable book called Help Save Our Pollinators. The book is full of simple to understand information on how bees and butterflies help to pollinate fruits, vegetables and even chocolate (now that’s talking a kids’ language).

It also lets kids know what they can do to help the pollinators like planting a butterfly garden or building a bumblebee home. Along with the useful information, there are many pages for kids to color and draw their own bees, butterflies, and flowers. At the end, kids can pledge to help raise awareness for pollinators.

The book is beautifully illustrated and will capture the attention of little environmentalists, gardeners and artists.

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A fun way to teach children about pollinators
A free downloadable coloring book will help kids learn the importance of bees and butterflies to our food systems.