Earlier today I wrote about the recent outbreak of the swine flu and what information the CDC has on the virus.

I just found out that as a way to get information out quickly to the public about the scare, the CDC is using Twitter. You can track the CDC's updates on Twitter by following @CDCemergency. 

They are also using the hashtag #swineflu on several of their tweets.

There have been 15 updates on Twitter from the CDC in the past 24 hours. The latest tweet from the CDC?

Antiviral Drugs and Swine Flu - CDC recommends oseltamivir or zanamivir for treatment and/or prevention. See http://bit.ly/QS1BG 11 minutes ago from web 

This is a very smart use of social media by the CDC, don't you think?

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CDC all a Twitter over swine flu
The CDC has joined the Twitter ranks as a way to get info out on the swine flu.