It’s been less than a week since the Super Bowl, and by now many of the much-anticipated commercials have already been forgotten. So let me refresh your memory with this video.

Farm Sanctuary, a leading farm animal protection organization thinks there is a “dark undercurrent of truth” in this Denny’s “Chicken Warning” ad and the two others that accompanied it. What is that truth? In reality, every week is a tough week for egg layers if they are raised on a factory farm.

In a press release, Gene Baur, president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary said about Denny’s Super Bowl ads.

Although the scenes of egg-laying hens relaxing at home and playing pool couldn’t be further from the truth — they spend their entire lives on factory farms where they are packed so densely inside tiny wire cages and dark, filthy warehouses they can barely move or lift their wings — the spoken message that ‘it’s going to be a tough week for egg layers’ couldn’t have been more spot on. The cruel way these sensitive, intelligent birds, and all farm animals, are treated on America’s factory farms is incongruent with Americans’ values of compassion. When the announcer says ‘it’s a great day to be an American, bad day to be a chicken,’ we should remember that we are a nation that has always prided itself on fighting injustice and reaching out to those in need, rather than tolerating the torture and abuse of individuals less powerful than ourselves. Regardless of whether or not people found the ads humorous, Denny’s (however unintentionally) made the connection between animal suffering and the food on their menu, giving viewers a glimpse at the nasty truth behind eggs.
Did you see the Denny's ads during the Super Bowl? What was your reaction to them? I did see them, and I have to say that this didn’t cross my mind. It also didn’t cross my mind to actually go and get a Grand Slam, free or not.

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Did Denny's say more than it meant to in Super Bowl ads?
Farm Sanctuary says Denny’s inadvertently exposed the suffering of hens.