White Luna Moth creation from Flora Forager

All photos courtesy of Bridget Collins/@Flora.Forager

"I have always been in love with flowers, since I was a little girl," Bridget Collins says.

Bridget Collins in a hollow treeWhether she's painting them, creating artful bouquets or simply gardening, Collins (pictured at right) is happiest when working with delicate blooms. She says it was a natural transition to fill her Instagram feed with her floral creations. "I had no idea people were craving flowers so much! It took off like wildfire."

Flora Forager began when Collins' friend asked her to create an Instagram account so that Collins' work could be featured in the magazine where her friend worked. With help from her husband, Collins started a website for her artwork. "In a way the whole thing happened organically," Collins says. (Pun intended.)

When it comes to materials, Collins has no preference for petals over leaves. "I really enjoy odd bits like spicy or fuzzy plant pieces," she explains. "I like filling people with wonder at the beauty and uniqueness of nature."

Collins' favorite work of art is "White Luna Moth," pictured above. The Magnolia stellata made for the perfect match for the body and the wings of this incredible insect, she says: "Fuzzy, flowy, and even named after the stars and moon."

Take a look at some of our favorites from the Flora Forager Instagram feed:

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Hummingbird made of flower petals
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Little Red Riding Hood scene created with flowers
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Butterfly made of flowers and a chrysallis at the center
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A mermaid made of flower petals
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A cloud made of daisies rains flower petals
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The iconic 'Great Wave' painting recreated with foraged shells and flowers
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See Collins in action:

For more amazing, floral-inspired art, you can follow @flora.forager on Instagram. To purchase prints, check out the Flora Forager website.

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