If you’re going to plant a vegetable garden this year and you haven’t started planning yet, it’s time to get moving. Right now you can be cleaning out your garden beds, planting some of the early vegetables that can take the cold nights like scallions or lettuces, and starting other seeds indoors.

We got started this week, and I thought I’d give weekly updates on how it’s going, as well as weekly updates on our new project – composting. Last year, after several years of not gardening, I grew my first organic vegetable garden with the help of my family. It was quite an adventure. This year, I’ll take what I learned last year and learn even more as I go along. And it starts this week.

On Monday, my husband went outside to clean out the garden bed. We were surprised to find a nest of baby bunnies right where my tomatoes are supposed to go. We knew not to touch them or try to move them, but I couldn’t help but take a picture or two. The general consensus among some of my gardening friends is that in two or three weeks, the bunnies will be old enough to leave the nest. All should be fine by the time I put the tomatoes in six weeks from now.

We also started to compost – something I should have started a year ago. After hemming and hawing about building something to compost in or buying a composter, we went the easy way and bought one. We probably won’t have usable compost from it till mid-summer, but I have another good source of compost for the beginning of gardening season.

Yesterday morning, my 9-year-old was more than happy to go to the back of the yard and take the first bowl full of scraps to dump in the composter. I felt so mother-earthy as I watched him through the window. “What a wonderful thing I’m teaching my son,” I proudly thought. “I’m teaching him a skill that will last his lifetime.”

That pride was gone this morning when I asked him to take the bowl of scraps out again. “I don’t want to do this every day! It smells. I’m going to throw up if you make me do it every day.” Apparently I went from being mother-earthy to mommy-dearesty overnight, cruelly demanding that my son walk all the way to the back yard to do a chore that takes one minute.

So that’s week one’s report – baby bunnies and normal children. By next week, hopefully, I’ll have a report on starting my seeds and planting some early crops.

If you ever notice something I'm doing wrong as you're reading my updates or you simply have some advice you want to give me, feel free. I'm still learning.

How is your garden planning going? 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Gardening adventures: Week 1
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