So, what’s your opinion about kids playing in the street? It’s not that dangerous, is it? Okay, yes it is, but if I buy any more plants that’s where my kids are going to have to play. I have a large yard, but my garden patches are beginning to take over. Someone needs to stop me before I buy plants or seeds again!

It might not be so bad because the boys may stay out of the yard for a while. It stinks. I bought organic fertilizer in pellet form from one of the organic vendors at the farmer market and got it in the garden this week. As the pellets break down, my backyard is beginning to smell a bit like a farm. I’m fortunate that my neighbors are gardeners, too.

My fears from last week about my tomato plants not doing well seem to be well founded (see picture at left). I’m going to give them one more week to start looking healthier and growing a bit, and if there is no improvement I’ll have to replace them. I’m not happy about it, but the ones that aren’t dong well are my Amish Paste tomatoes that I’ll make pasta sauce and bruschetta from. I need those tomatoes.

Other places, the garden is really looking up. My green bean plants (pictured at right) get a little bigger each day. Last year, they were devoured by furry four legged critters before they got even this big – so I’m hopeful. My broccoli seems to be doing well, too.

The picture at the top of this post is of a bunch of herbs that I grabbed from someone’s front yard. There was a sign that said “Herbs” and table full of them. I had to stop and check it out. Turns out a local garden club had a Mother’s Day sale and this was what was left. There was a donation bucket so I threw some money in and grabbed chives, pineapple sage, chocolate mint, rosemary, and a few others. I still need to figure out where to plant them. See, I told you the boys are slowly being evicted from the yard. If anyone knows what I should do with pineapple sage or chocolate mint, please let me know.

We also dug a new bed on the side of the house to grow watermelon. The other day we grabbed one of the boys from the neighborhood and along with my own boys, we turned the ground for the plot. The boys weren’t so great about getting all the grass out, but I figured this would be a lesson for them. If the grass takes over the plot and they don’t get the watermelon that they are dying for, next time they’ll know it needs to be done more thoroughly. I can’t remember the name of the watermelon plants (pictured at left) I bought at the farmers market, but I was told they will be small and very sweet. Yum.

The next few weeks are going to interesting as I see what is going to be successful and what will need to be replaced. And I need to stop buying plants or the boys will have no yard to play in.

How are your gardens shaping up? 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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