This past weekend, I stumbled across great, spring-appropriate gift items ideal for Marvel and DC devotees who secretly wish for superpowers but are willing to settle for a pair of perfectly capable greenthumbs: Plantable Comics.

These nifty novelty items aren’t even really comic books so don't get too excited. Inside the colorful covers — choose from “The Gardener” (mixed herbs) or “April Showers” (wild flowers) — are two sheets of recycled plantable seed paper measuring 6 1/2 inches by 10 1/8 inches and weighing 240 gsm. To use, simply lay the seed-infused paper in soil, cover lightly, and water. Easy-to-follow, graphic instructions are included on the back of each comic so that pint-sized horticulturists can plant with minimal adult help. 

My only gripe with these guys is that they’re sold in clear plastic sleeves to keep them in “mint condition.” 

If you have kids and the Easter Bunny leaves them goody-filled baskets, these would definitely make a great replacement for sugary treats and plastic grass this year. They'd also be an excellent gift for significant others who have been spending considerable time out back pruning and prepping garden beds when you know they'd rather be in the basement cataloging their Justice League of America collection. 

For collectors of another kind (hi Dad!), there’s also a line of Plantable Records. These handmade recycled plantable seed paper are in the shape of classic 45s and measure 7” in diameter. Like Plantable Comics, all you have to do is place the records in soil (these would be great for container gardens), water, and watch grow. There are two varieties available: the psychedelia-inspired “Petal Power” (wildflowers) and the garage rock-y "Wild Herbs" (mixed herbs).

You can find Plantable Comics and Plantable Records along with other unique gardening goodies over at the always fabulous Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store. They're $9.95 apiece. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Geeking out in the garden bed with Plantable Comics
Looking for a springtime gift for a superhero-obsessed horticulturist in-training or a serious gardener with geeky tendencies? Give 'em Plantable Comics, faux c