I’ve heard of superbugs like MRSA that are the result of antibiotics resistance, but until yesterday I’d never heard of a superbug that is just that — a bug. Evidently a scientist from Iowa State University identified four fields in the state that are dealing with infestations of corn rootworms.

These are the same corn rootworms that were supposed to be eradicated by Monsanto’s bacterial pesticide, Bt. It worked for a while, but farmers are seeing a return of damage due to Bt-resistant corn rootworms.

“The findings are not likely isolated to those fields — just like spotting a cockroach on your kitchen floor probably signals an infestation, not that a lone cockroach randomly stumbled in for a visit. Sure enough, farmers in Illinois are also seeing severe rootworm damage in fields planted in Monsanto's Bt corn.” Source: Mother Jones

So what is a Monsanto-committed farmer to do about this new infestation? The answer is not surprising — buy another Monsanto genetically modified product.

GM crops are breeding a new superbug
Some of Monsanto's genetically modified corn crops may be susceptible to a new superbug.