The people involved with Grow a Farmer see a revolution under way. A revolution where “people across the country and the world are rejecting industrial food and farming in favor of local, organic, community-scale systems.”


I say “Viva La Revolution!”


The impediment to this revolution could be a lack of farmers to supply the demands of those who revolt against food that’s bad for you and bad for the planet. That’s why Grow a Farmer is asking for support and donations. They need to raise $250,000 by this June.


UC Santa Cruz has a six month full time apprentice program that immerses its students in sustainable agriculture. These apprentices are


today's organic farmers, market gardeners, urban agriculturalists, school garden teachers, and others working to promote local, healthy food in communities around the country.

In the past, apprentices have been able to stay in tents, but this is the last year the tent living is allowed.


The 2009 Grow a Farmer Campaign is focused on raising funds to build permanent seasonal housing to replace the tents. Doing so this summer will allow the Apprenticeship to continue to offer on-farm housing and hiqh-quality training for apprentices in 2010 and beyond.


You can learn more about the Grow a Farmer campaign in this YouTube video. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Grow a farmer
The Grow a Farmer campaign is helping to ensure we have enough organic farmers to keep the organic revolution alive.