Do you know what’s in that vase? It’s pineapple sage from my herb garden that has gone to seed over the past couple of weeks. Do you know what else that is? It’s my decoration for the buffet table when we have dinner guests this weekend. I just went out in the backyard and snipped them fresh.

As the holidays approach, take a walk around your yard to see what you can use for decorating before spending money on fresh flowers or other decorations.

  • Do you have flowering herbs in your garden? Snip them and use them as you would flowers,      like I did.
  • Have you grown pumpkins or other gourds? Use a few of them for decoration and when the fall holidays are over, roast them up and eat them.
  • Have you got pine cones falling on the ground? Collect them and place them in a clear bowl.
  • Got a holly tree? At Christmas time, cut branches with berries on them and lay them on the fireplace mantle or stand them in a vase — no water necessary.
What’s outside your back door, aside from flowers, that you can use for natural and absolutely free decorations?


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Holiday decorations from your garden and yard
Beautiful, natural, free decorations are right outside your door.