It's around this time of year, every year, when I am utterly envious of my neighbors' gardens. I can barely manage to get a splash of color going in the spring thanks to an oft-neglected patch of tulips. After that, my yard is pretty much lacking save for the stray pansy or zinnia.

So what does it take to get a garden filled with color, one that keeps blooming all season long? If you find yourself asking that question, this chart has you covered with a month-by-month guide to the colorful blooms of the most popular garden flowers. It even details when to plant, and when to expect a bloom, as well as the care requirements for each type of flower.

Flowers aren't just for springtime, and planning your garden now will have you ready for fall planting season and get you well on your way to a garden filled with colorful flowers — month, after month, after month.

What are your favorite flowers to plant?

flower infographic

How to create a year-round garden filled with color
Want a garden that blooms all season long? Use this chart as your starting point.