Ahh, springtime — the season of renewel, rebirth, and attempting to, once and for all, embrace your inner greenthumb by attempting to keep a houseplant alive.

So then, how do you like to present your indoor greenery? Near a window? Atop an aquarium? Beneath your drippy umbrellas? Within a book? On the wall? Upside down and hanging from the ceiling?

If you answered that last one, you’ll be pleased to know that Boskke, the same purveyor of “intelligent, eco-sensitive” urban gardening solutions that brought us the revolutionary SkyPlanter (as featured in MNN holiday gift guides of yore), is back with a new apartment-friendly planter concept that’s also stylish and inventive but, in terms of overall design, brings things back to the ground. Or the tabletop, rather.

Like with the SkyPlanter, water conservation is key to the design of the Boskke Cube, a transparent polycarbonate planter that needs to be watered only once a month (no ladder required!) thanks to an integrated reservoir and Slo-Flo watering system that keeps your plants healthy but not perilously over-hydrated. Overwatering, of course, is one of the top causes of premature houseplant death — you know, the assumption that oh, I’m going away for a few days so if I just dump half the watering can in the pot it should be just fine until I get back. Nope. With the Boskke Cub you can visually monitor a plant's water levels, no guess-work required.

Explains Patrick Morris, co-founder and creative director of Boskke, which, by the way, is a play on the Old English word "bosky" which means "small forest":
We have deconstructed the traditional plant pot and put it back together in a literally more transparent way. The clear plastic body reveals the water, soil, and roots of the plant, allowing you to witness firsthand the mechanics of plant growth. And great for all those travellers…. you only need to water it once a month.

Lovely, low-tech stuff and certainly less fussy than a smartphone-enabled plant sensor. The Boskke Cube comes in three sizes — Large ($34.85), small ($19.95), and an XL size that accommodates three small plants ($49.95) — and is available directly through the Boskke web shop.

(h/t to Yanko Design)

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