little girl with huge pumpkins

Seven-year-old Amaryah Amos marvels at the giant pumpkins during a school trip to the London Harvest Festival Show. (All photos: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Who doesn't love gargantuan pumpkins? The giant veggies were just part of the colorful display at the London Harvest Festival Show in early October.

Growers from all around the U.K. met in Westminster's Horticultural Halls to show off their seasonal bounty at the annual autumnal fruit and veggie event which is organized by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Onions in the U.K.

The two-day event featured tastings, workshops, live music and, of course, competitions to see who grew this season's best produce. In the image above, people are inspecting an array of onions waiting to be judged. Below, a man poses for a photo after winning an award for his home-grown beetroots.

Beetroot winner
Interesting veggies for sale


The best part of the festival is that it's not all about just judging the merits of a particular vegetable — you can buy and eat them, too. For those hoping to emulate the success of the champion growers, there were plenty of seed packets up for sale, like the radish and salad varieties seen below.

Sellling seeds


While the show is an exciting event for amateur and professional gardeners alike, it also welcomes younger audiences, like this gaggle of children visiting on a school trip:

Children and tomatoes
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League of extraordinary vegetables take over London
Growers show off their autumnal bounty at the annual London Harvest Festival Show.