The Facebook comments about the end of the television season have been frantic lately. I’ve seen lots of comments like this:

“BIGGEST LOSER FINALE!!!! what the heck will i do every tuesday night for the next 4 months???”

I have an idea for all of you who will be having withdrawal from The Biggest Loser, Lost, American Idol, Heroes or whatever show you are addicted to. Start following Nathan.

Nathan Winters, 29, set out last week to ride his bicycle across the top of the United States from Maine to Washington state while doing good for his planet. He is going to “create preservation through exploration.”

You can read all about Nathan’s adventure on the website And you can follow him on his blog, on his Facebook fan page, on Twitter, and through his YouTube videos.

One of the many things that Nathan hopes to do to create preservation through exploration is to:

Meet local farmers and land owners and conduct video and audio interviews. I am looking to learn first-hand and educate my audience on the issues and risks our farmers and land owners are up against in today’s tough economy, convenience-driven society and the cost of farming and maintaining land. I am also looking to stress the importance of consuming natural, organic and locally farmed foods.
He’s been on his journey for about a week and a half now, and he’s already had the opportunity to video some small farmers and others who are involved with organic/sustainable farming. He’s one guy with a bicycle and what I can only imagine is a small video camera, so the production value on these videos isn’t that great, but the value of the content of the videos is invaluable.

Here’s one video of Sarah Smith of Grassland Organic Farm in Maine talking about why she and her husband farm organic.

Over the upcoming months my family and I will be following Nathan and learning from him as he learns from others. Want to join us (& him)?


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Lost without Lost? Follow Nathan instead.
One man. One bike. One video camera. Lots of things to learn.