The news about the stunt vegetables used on Iron Chef America continues to grow. If you remember, the vegetables used on the Jan. 3 episode were shown being picked at the White House kitchen garden, but in reality, the chefs used different vegetables in their dishes because of the week lapse between picking the vegetables and filming the show.

News shows can't resist poking fun of the story that seems to have one of the commenters on my original post "outraged" and another one "LMAO". 

On The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert reports that the White House has been rocked with a scandal called Watercressgate, and he promises to "stalk their celery" to get the full story.

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Even the folks on the conservative Fox News can't help but find the funny in what they are calling GardenGate. White House Chef Cristeta Comerford became "somebody else I can't pronounce" when they were listing the chefs who were complicit in this veggie fraud. I think if they were taking this story seriously, they would have pointed out she was from the White House.
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Michelle Obama caught up in Watercressgate
Stephen Colbert and Fox News make funny mountains out of a mole hill in the White House kitchen garden.