Intrigued by what you've heard so far?

Do head over to Indiegogo where you can learn more about — and pre-order! — this intriguing indoor growing concept from Berlin-based urban farming startup INFARM — motto: "grow as you are" — and Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, the same studio that previously blew our minds with the concept of self-cleaning dinnerware.

I should point out that all of this origami and agar-agar talk may sound complicated but, in reality, Microgarden is insanely low-maintenance: Simply fold the kit's included recyclable/reusable poly-propylene sheets into a pyramid-shaped mini-greenhouse, spread the included organic seeds (mustard greens, radish, or rucola) over the agar-agar gel-based growing medium (the agar-agar powder required to make the gel is also included), place the self-contained "growing incubator" in a sunny spot in your kitchen or favorite windowsill and voila! — fresh, hyperlocal microgreens will start sprouting within a couple of days.

The best part?

There's no soil-y messes and no need to even water the thing since the roots of the plants draw moisture from the clear agar-agar gel.

"We wanted to change the way you grow greens in your own home. The Microgarden is next generation of home farming, were the end result is a mix between a serving bowl and a greenhouse," explains Tomorrow Machine.

After being funded — and things are looking good on that front — the Microgarden kits are expected to start shipping this coming fall. And considering the logistics involved with exporting seeds, INFARM has noted that they are working with local seed suppliers so that everyone, whether they live in Boise, Baltimore, or Berlin, receives a full kit.

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Microgarden: Origami-inspired mini-farm thrives without soil ... or water
Science-fiction-y design meets urban gardening with this curious flat-pack greenhouse kit that harnesses seaweed-extracted agar-agar gel as a growing medium.