Dutch Flower Fields
Dutch flower fields like this one regularly contain tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and daffodils. (Photo: Norbert Stellaard/SkyPixel)

With the warmer months arriving, it's the perfect time to consider the shower of blooms nature is about to produce in celebration. We scoured SkyPixel, a community for aerial photographers and filmmakers, to select a handful of drone photos that offer a unique perspective on these eye-popping displays of color from around the world.

The above photo of a Dutch flower field was captured by aerial photographer Norbert Stellaard using a DJI drone. Two-thirds of the world’s total flora sales come from the Netherlands. Daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips are just a few of the many varieties grown throughout the country.

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Cherry blossoms in Japan

Inokashira park Japan Cherry
The cherry trees lining the lake at Inokashira Park in Japan create a stunning sight when in bloom. (Photo: Danilo Dungo/SkyPixel)

Inokashira Park, created in 1913 as a gift from the emperor to the Japanese public, is well known for the stunning old-growth cherry trees that line a pond in its center. When in bloom, as this shot from photographer Danilo Dungo beautifully shows, the falling petals almost cover the surface of the water.

LED flower for Chinese New Year

LED Flower
This art illumination, featuring thousands of LEDs, were created for China's New Year festivities in Dongguan. (Photo: Flyingcat/SkyPixel)

Thousands of colorful LEDs were used to create this luminous "electronic flower" for New Year's celebrations in the city of Dongguan, China.

San Jose Rose Garden

San Jose Rose Garden
The design of the San Jose Rose Garden is best seen from above. (Photo: Al Diaz/SkyPixel)

Once the site of a prune orchard, the 5.5-acre San José Municipal Rose Garden today boasts more than 4,000 roses from 189 varieties. This photo, taken by aerial photographer Al Diaz in February 2015 using a DJI Phantom drone, shows the gardens' precise layout from above. Want to visit? The best time to catch this park in bloom is from April to November.

Tulip field

Tulip field
There are 75 different varieties of tulips, and they know how to put on a show. (Photo: Rienk Feenstra/SkyPixel)

Aerial photographer Rienk Feenstra captured this shot of a tulip field in Holland using a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Of the over 9 billion bulbs produced annually in the Netherlands, one third are tulips.

Rapeseed field in Germany

rapeseed field
Rapeseed is an important agricultural crop in Germany used to make biodiesel, margarine, animal feed and bioplastics. (Photo: Martin Deja/SkyPixel)

The brilliant yellow of a rapeseed crop in Germany is captured in this aerial shot from photographer Martin Deja. Rapeseed, a flowering member of the mustard family, is commonly grown for animal feeds, edible vegetable oils and biodiesel. Germany is the largest producer in the EU, with more than 3 million acres.

Singapore's SuperTrees

Singapore SuperTrees
Singapore's 'SuperTrees' soar 150-feet above the city. (Photo: Winson Lim/SkyPixel)

Singapore's SuperTrees act as soaring vertical gardens for a variety of plant species. Comprised of 18 towers, the botanical wonder is completely solar-powered and serves the dual purpose of both collecting rainwater and acting as cooling vents for nearby conservatories. Aerial photographer Winson Lim captured this shot of the SuperTrees high above Singapore's Garden by the Bay.

A tale of two crops in South Africa

crop division
The vibrant color contrast of two very different crops is captured in this photo from Eddie Oosthuizen. (Photo: Eddie Oosthuizen/SkyPixel)

Aerial photographer Eddie Oosthuizen captured this striking photo of two unknown but contrasting crops in South Africa.

A sea of sunflowers

sunflower crop
Sunflower oil accounts for 80% of the value of the crop. (Photo: Zane Isaac/SkyPixel)

Sunflowers extend towards the horizon in this sunset shot captured by Zane Isaac. In the U.S., the top producing states of sunflower include the Dakotas, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas and California.

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