Welcome to this week's installment of “Not of the garden variety," a weekly, product-centric series that's all about exceptional, agrarian-minded outdoor living accessories and odds and ends — items for in and around the garden that you won't find in the backyards of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Today, I'm featuring a few fun outdoor objets d'art — the kind of stuff that those of you on the East Coast may have secured and/or brought indoors in anticipation of the arrival of a soggy and unwanted garden guest from the tropics named Miss Irene because, after all, nothing is more upsetting than damaged/destroyed/shattered/ dangerous-because-it's-flying-through-the-air garden decor. Instead of the typical, often eyesore-inducing/neighbor dismaying lawn and garden ornamentation — gazing balls, ceramic frogs, plastic flamingos, and the like —below you'll find a few unique items for gussying up any outdoor space including the requisite garden gnome (with a twist).

For a complete list of past "Not of the garden variety" posts, scroll down to the bottom of this page. And like I mentioned last week, I'll be completing the series within the next couple of weeks so if there's any type of gardening/outdoor living product that you'd like to see featured, please do tell in the comments section. And I gotta ask: What do you decorate your garden with?

Bottle Tree @ Gardener's Supply Company ($29.99)

Enlightened Buddha Outdoor Statue @ VivaTerra ($149)

Large Disc Chimes by Pigeon Toe Ceramics @ Supermarket ($70)

Hippie Mobile @ Potted ($44)

Recycled Glass Garden Toadstools @ Uncommon Goods ($22 - $32)

Archimedes Screech Owl @ Terrain ($38)

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Birthbath @ Target ($159.99)

Garden Gnome Rain Gauge @ Clean Air Gardening ($34.99)

Recycled Tin Roses @ Uncommon Goods ($11.95 - $139.95)

Viento Pinwheels @ Sprout Home ($12.75 - $20.55)

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Nontoxic critter control

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Not of the garden variety: Garden decor
Prevent the neighbors — and any judgmental backyard critters — from rolling their eyes with garden decor that's decidedly not of the pink flamingo and gazin