Happy Monday and welcome to the final installment of “Not of the garden variety," a weekly, product-centric series that's been all about exceptional, agrarian-minded outdoor living accessories and odds and ends — items for in and around the garden that you won't find in the backyards of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

After last week's penultimate "best of" post, I'm wrapping things up with an assortment of miscellaneous, garden-y items that caught my eye over the past several weeks but didn't always fit snugly into any of the categories that I tackled (scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list of "Not of the garden variety" posts). Thanks for reading ... and here's to a happy fall harvest!

6" Farmer D Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kits @ Farmer D Organics ($53 - $80.95)

Roost Farmers Market Baskets @ aHa! Modern Living ($13-25)

Garden Tools Useful Pocket Notebook by Girlscantell @ Supermarket ($12)

Reclaimed Marine Rop Doormat @ Gaiam ($58)

Claudia Pearson Garden Tools Tea Towel @ Terrain ($20)

Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit @ Clean Air Gardening ($19.99)

Jolly Kneeler @ Gardener's Supply Company ($29.95)

Gardener's Seed Saving Lot @ Branch ($28)

Ergonomic Gardening Stool @ Clean Air Gardening ($34.99)

Cowpot Seed Starting Flat @ Green Depot ($4.50/3 pack)

Rhino Step Stool @ Kikkerland ($20)

Recycled Wood Beehouse @ Terrain ($32)

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Not of the garden variety: Miscellany
All good, greenthumbed things must come to an end ... for the final installment of 'Not of the garden variety,' a dozen fetching outdoor living products for you