Happy Monday and welcome to the seventh installment of “Not of the garden variety," a weekly, product-centric series that's all about exceptional, agrarian-minded outdoor living accessories and odds and ends — items for in and around the garden that you won't find in the backyards of every Tom, Dick and Harry. 

Since many of you in more toasty locations across the country probably have hardcore hydration on the brain, I thought it would be only appropriate to spotlight a compulsory, thirst-quenching gardening tool: the humble watering can. Although handheld irrigation vessels come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and materials (most commonly heavy duty plastic and galvanized steel), below you'll find a few standout models across a variety of price points — from fun, under $10 recycled plastic cans to over $100, made-in-England bad boys for the more serious, precision-oriented gardener. All of these watering cans are made from recycled/recycled materials and/or designed to provide decades of water-pouring service. 

So fill 'em up — ideally with reclaimed water captured in a rain barrel — and go to town. And remember to check out my past "Not of the garden variety" posts listed at the bottom of this page. 

Modern Watering Vessel @ Potted ($22)

Terracotta Gardening Can @ Terrain ($12.95)

Born in Sweden Watering Can by Pascal Charmolu @ A+R Store ($78)

Aqua Genie Watering Can @ aHa! Modern Living ($8)

U CAN Watering System @ U CAN Brands($19.95)


French Watering Can @ Gardener's Supply Company ($24.95)

Enki Oxygenating Watering Can @ Clean Air Gardening ($29.99)

Haws Watering Can @ Kaufmann Mercantile Store ($92.90 -$105.90)

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Not of the garden variety: Watering cans
After making sure that you're properly hydrated, treat your parched garden — indoor or out, container or not — to a drink with a watering can made from in-